Terms and conditions

The service is aimed to help users to get PRIX tokens easily, without using crypto exchanges.

The minimum payment is the equivalent of $10. In case you send less or with extremely low commission - you may lose your funds, and we do not guarantee the exchange.

The maximum amount is $1000. In case you send more, we may finish the exchange manually within 24 hours or less.

If you are seeking to acquire a large amount of PRIX, you should use one of the exchanges.

The PRIX/USD rates are calculated from external API and may vary. In case of extreme volatility, the service may temporarily suspend all the exchanges or re-calculate amounts.

The service itself has no commission, except the fees for external services — the GAS costs and 0.5% payment gateway fee. The GAS costs are the fee for the operations on the Ethereum network.

The timeframe for all exchanges is 1-5 minutes for ETH, LTC and 5-30 minutes for BTC payments.

During the exchange PRIX will be sent to your ETH wallet in conjunction with a small portion of ETH (up to 0.05).